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In Ameriya, Waqf supported the construction of a brand new school, including two classrooms and an office for the teachers. To further improve the learning environment for conflict-affected orphaned children, we also provided school furniture and essential teaching materials.

In six schools around Geneina, we gave 700 orphaned children new school uniforms, bags, and essential stationery, enabling them to attend school. We also helped to improve the management of schools by delivering specialist training to several Parent-Teacher Associations.

Thuriya’s story

Mother-of-seven Thuriya Adoom Abdelrahman, 35, lives with her family in Ameriya. With her husband too sick to work, she shoulders the responsibility of providing for the family.

“I am supporting my family,” said Thuriya, who collects firewood and grass to sell and earns what she can as a daily laborer. “My husband doesn’t have an income since he is no longer able to work. Most of the time he is sick and needs hospital care.”

Life is difficult for the family, who have recently arrived in the area, Thuriya told us.

“We were displaced from our village, Umsiyagha, two years ago because of the war. Before the conflict, we were breeding a lot of animals. We were growing crops. We had a big house, we were secure,” she said, adding that the violence destroyed the family’s livelihood.

“Now, I work and I buy food for my family, but it is not enough. My family and I will stay in this village until the security situation becomes better, and then we will return home. We hope that the situation will improve with the support of the international community.”

Through the Waqf funded project, Thuriya received three goats from Islamic Relief. As well as providing nourishment for the family, the animals provide a vital source of income. Thuriya is breeding her livestock, and through the scheme, she will help another poor family by giving them one of the new goats. “

Islamic Relief has helped to save our lives. Really, I don’t know what would have happened to us if Islamic Relief was not here.” Thuriya’s family is one of the hundreds we have supported to increase their income, Alhamdulillah.

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