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International Waqf Fund reached out to as many people as possible, providing vulnerable individuals with Qurbani meat to enable them to feel valued and included during this year’s Eid festivities to celebrate Eid.

Through our Qurbani project, we were able to provide high-quality halal meat to 2,100 people, bringing them joy on the blessed day of Eid.

One of the many people who benefited from this project was Abdo – a construction worker and father to three daughters. Before the war broke out, he had a secure life:

“Life was good thanks to Allah. I had work and my own home, so no one could evict me from my home. I was living freely and independently and not paying rent.” 

Unfortunately, due to the war, Abdo and his family became worried about their welfare and subsequently decided to flee their home.

“In the war, a missile struck my sister’s house, destroying it. Her son was badly injured- damaging his backbone and skull. His arm was broken and because of this, he’s no longer able to move it. The women in my family were really frightened and some of them became very unwell. Because of this, we decided to flee to Aden.”

Without a stable source of work, Abdo often struggles to pay his rent. The family, therefore, cannot afford meat and often live off fish, potatoes and tomatoes. The Qurbani meat provided by Islamic Relief was, therefore, able to offer much-needed sustenance:

“I am thankful from my bottom of my heart for the generous support of Islamic Relief. I hope this support will continue.” 

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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