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The conflict in South Sudan forced civilians to flee towards North Sudan seeking refuge. An influx of refugees to West Kordofan had a major impact on the fragile community of El Mairam, including its limited clean water and hygiene resources.

With Waqf-funding, Islamic Relief targeted support for  clean water and sanitation to help combat ill health, the spread of diseases. In addition to  help improve the environment.

We repaired a broken water yard,  replacing the old unit with a solar powered system. Moreover, builting two water distribution points along the pipeline.  We also provided training and tool kits to local men and women who formed a committee. Thus, they can safely manage and maintain the systems.

We wanted to make sure that sanitation and hygiene would continue to improve. Thus, we trained 20 Community Hygiene Promoters to support the communities in the future. In addintion to teaching them how to protect themselves, keeping their surroundings clean and adopting good water, food and personal hygiene habits.

We held four public awareness raising sessions and organised four clean-up campaigns, focusing on water hygiene issues.

Five hundred hygiene kits, with soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, were also distributed to newly arrived refugee families.

As a result, the project had an immediate and significant impact. It was  benefiting more than 14,000 people in the area.  Consequently, more people now have easy access to sufficient water. Moreover, local people have the skills to be able to manage this.  The knowledge shared has also changed behaviours, with people adopting better hygiene habits, helping prevent ill health and disease.

Agwat Loack’s Story

Agwat Loack, age 30, had to flee her home in South Sudan. She arrived in El Mairam with her four children. The youngest just a few months old.

“Since the war started in my area, all our farms and properties were destroyed and to save our lives, we had to flee and come here seeking security, peace and food.

We were walking on foot with my children and many other families like us, facing the danger of wild animal’s attacks, we suffered from hunger and thirst till we reached this town.”

When they arrived, she struggled to get access to clean water.

Agwat says, “When I arrived, the water source was far and the water was also not clean.

Thanks to Islamic Relief now the water point is very close to my home even my young daughter can help to fetch water, and there is no more overcrowding and waiting many hours for water.

The Waqf-funded project has made a real difference to Agwat and her family.

“Thank you for providing us water near our huts, to drink, wash clothes any time, bathe and maintain cleanliness.”

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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