Fighting a deadly disease

With Yemen in the devastating grip of conflict, this year its people also faced the world’s worst cholera outbreak. In just a couple of months, the deadly disease had spread to almost every governorate. Moreover, most health facilities already out of service after two years of fighting and import restrictions. The country’s crippled public health system was unable to cope. Without treatment, cholera can kill within hours. Consequently, Thousands died because of that deadly disease.

In the poverty-stricken governorate of Al-Mahwit alone, over 51,000 people were thought to have contracted the disease. Moreover,  over 140 individuals had lost their lives. Waqf donations meant Islamic Relief could provide life-saving medicine and medical supplies to four treatment centres, ensuring treatment for 150 patients with the disease.

A Yemeni girl receives a family hygiene kit, packed with items such as disinfectant, handwash, nappies and sanitary pads.

Determined to help stamp out the spread of cholera. We enabled hundreds of the most vulnerable families to better protect themselves from infection. Furthermore, we gave water-purifying chlorine tablets to 888 families. In addition, 186 households received kits containing items essential for family health and hygiene – their new awareness of good hygiene practices will limit the spread of disease in future.

For 20 years, Islamic Relief has been saving lives in Yemen, a country in which millions are in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

“We couldn’t save lives without your aid”

Dr Waleed Ali cares for a patient at a struggling health centre in Al-Mahwit, Yemen.

We met Dr Waleed Ali, 38. He treated patients in an Al-Mahwit health centre, where our emergency staff were delivering vital medicine and medical supplies.

“The conflict has deteriorated the condition of health and water. Therefore, it makes people more vulnerable to diseases, including cholera and other infections.” said Dr. Waleed. “The outbreak of cholera in Mahweet has spread quickly because there is no access to clean water and waste is everywhere.”

Altawela health centre, he explained, receives around 50 new cholera patients every day. It was unable to cope with the epidemic – despite the efforts of staff such as Dr Waleed, who, like all government employees in Yemen, has not received his salary in months.

“This health facility doesn’t have adequate rooms and there aren’t enough doctors. The limited available doctors and nurses treat thousands of patients, even though they don’t receive their salaries.

“We thank Islamic Relief and the donors for their kind support. Their intervention is really appreciated as we lack sufficient medications to face such a deadly epidemic,” added Dr Waleed.

“We are very happy to treat people and save their lives. However, that wouldn’t be possible without your generous aid.”

Four treatment centres in Yemen received critical medicines and supplies such as disposable gloves, syringes and IV stands thanks to Islamic Relief Waqf.

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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