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Islamic Relief Somalia currently looks after 430 orphans. In 2010, conflict in the region intensified and over 3 million people were estimated to have been affected. An increase in tensions led to instability, both for the region and for the orphans which Islamic Relief supports.

Many families which benefit from our Orphan Sponsorship the programme have expressed concern because they cannot access healthcare and Islamic Relief’s projects in Somalia had been impeded by a lack of funding and high rental costs.

In order for the Orphan Sponsorship project officers to be able to access more areas, and provide comprehensive assistance, permanent transport was purchased through Orphan and Child Welfare Waqf. This allows Orphan Sponsorship staff to regularly reach current beneficiaries, and also to transport them to health centres and children’s centres when required. Both the internet connection and electricity generator was also improved, which will allow our Somalia office to apply for funding for the Orphan Sponsorship programme, which was hindered by irregular and poor connections.

Many foundational changes needed to be made in the Somalia office, in order for our staff to be able to fulfil all the needs of the children it looks after.

Case Study

Shun’s Story

Mother-of-four, Shun Abdullahi, has been displaced by conflict so many times that she has lost count. She was made homeless by the 1982 war with Ethiopia and was displaced many times since during local clashes.

Shun explained, “The situation has improved a bit as Somaliland (an autonomous region in Somalia) has held two elections peacefully, but there is still a risk that we might be displaced, which I’m used to by now.”

She described how life has improved since Islamic Relief in Somaliland began to offer her help and provide her with food during difficult times. Since the Orphan and Child Welfare Waqf purchased a vehicle, local staff have been able to transport children who are ill to the nearest hospital. A rapid response is critical in these cases, and having a vehicle enables staff to respond to urgent cases without delay.

“If my children are sick, I can call Islamic Relief and they take them to the hospital,” explained Shun. “Alhamdulilah, my children have not been sick, but we were made aware of this service that they now offer and my neighbours have had to call Islamic Relief for this purpose.”

Shun sends her prayers and good wishes to all donors, but she also requests more help. “I would like you to help mothers such as myself to start small businesses so that we can be more self-reliant.”

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