Financing better lives

Across the world, the poorest people struggle to access financial services like loans. The reason is to improve their circumstances. We offer a real route out of poverty with microfinance programs  for Financing better lives.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, our Waqf-funded scheme has provided life-changing micro loans to 80 vulnerable women. Women received an interest-free loan. As a result, they can use to launch small enterprises and support their children’s education. In addition to pay for healthcare or to improve their living conditions.

As well as empowering those women, their families – children, parents, husbands – all benefit too, creating better living conditions and opportunities for them all.

Begovic in her greenhouse

We know there is a real need for business loans and many women. Thus, They are using their loans to set up agricultural businesses. Moreover, they are using them to start their own handmade craft business such as knitting or painting.

Begovic Fata’s Story with Financing better lives

Begovic Fata became the family breadwinner when she moved with her husband and three children to Sarajevo after the war ended. Her husband was severely injured in the war. Thus, they had to start rebuilding their lives from scratch. With just her husband’s very small invalid income to survive on, Fata started her own small agricultural business to support her family.

As her business grew, Fata says they were able to build a house and put their children through school.

“At the beginning it was very hard, we started to sell milk, cheese, and cream on the market and to the neighbours. But due to the quality of our products, we were able to increase productions, and buyers were coming on our door.”

They now supply Hotel Hills, one of the biggest hotels in Sarajevo, with their organic products.

Fata took a loan of 1,687 Euros our microfinance program, sponsored by the International Waqf fund. In order to continue to expand the business, specifically dairy products and growing vegetables in a greenhouse.

Fata said, “This loan came in right time, and these are the best loans that Bosnia ever had, free of any fees.”

The greenhouse of Fata
Buza creating her own products

Buza Amila’s Story with Financing better lives

Fifty-four year old Buza Amila, took a micro loan of 1,565 Euros to start selling decoupage products. In order to help give her family an extra income.

Amila loves arts and painting. Her father was an artist, and she uses decoupage technique – cutting and gluing, then varnishing paper – to decorate items including boxes, bottles, candlesticks and even furniture.

Buza says she is grateful for the loan and support which has helped her a lot.

Sahman Sadeta’s Story with Financing better lives

Mother of four Sahman Sadeta took a micro loan to help her husband pay for her cancer treatment.

Sadeta’s husband works in a school but also paints and has a degree from the Academy of Arts.  He started selling his paintings for extra income to pay for Sadeta’s health care. On the other hand, she used the micro loan to support him by buying more materials.

Sadeta’s husband is now exhibiting his paintings in The Bosnian Islamic culture community, in the centre of Sarajevo.

Gallery and paintings of Sadeta

They say they are very thankful to International Waqf Fund for providing loans without any fees, and help for financing better lives.

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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