Greenhouses for Income Generation

“We are very happy and this has changed our lives. Your help is very valuable to us. Thanks to you we have the confidence that we will be able to live a better life, with this new greenhouse.

Situation: Albania has a serious unemployment issue.
Impact: An estimated 20% of people live below the poverty line, and those living in rural areas are the most affected. Young people are especially vulnerable, as well as women and people living with disabilities.
Response: 10 families were provided with a greenhouse each (100 square meters in size), as well as training, seeds, irrigation, ventilation and pesticides. The project provides long-term sustainable solutions out of poverty and unemployment, by allowing families to generate their own annual income and improve their living standards.
Nadia, a widowed mother, lives in a rural village in Albania, with her mother-in-law and her two orphaned children (aged 9 and 16).
Her income is not enough to cover basic monthly expenses. With increasing food prices, water & electricity payments and her daughters school requirements. Nadia is constantly looking for work in a very unstable economic environment where unemployment rates are high.
Nadia was one of the 10 beneficiaries to receive a greenhouse from IWF, to help generate a regular income to sustain herself and her family, and improve their living standards.

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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