Keeping warm in Yemen

In winter months, temperatures in Yemen can fall down to -5°C. With little shelter from the bitter cold and no money to buy warm clothing. Children are likely to fall ill with flu, fevers and other cold-related illnesses. Moreover, Orphans are at particular risk, having lost the main breadwinner of the family. Consequently, The current humanitarian emergency in Yemen has left 16 of the 25 million people requiring access to humanitarian assistance.

The health sector has been left in ruins. Lack of doctors, medicine and other supplies mean. As a result, when children fall ill, there is little chance medical help will be available.

Thus, to protect them from the harsh weather, we provided a humanitarian assistance for 1,200 orphans as coupons worth around $56 dollars to spend on winter clothing of their choice, including coats, hats and boots.

Hana’s Story with humanitarian assistance Projects

Hana Ahmed is 35 years old and has seven children. Her husband died five years ago. They have little access to electricity. Actually, they spend hours queuing to get water from the water tanks donated by aid organisations.

“Our living situation has changed,” says Hana. “Prices are much higher now. When my children and I get sick, we can’t afford to travel to hospitals.

“You can see how happy [ the clothes distribution as a humanitarian assistance ] has made my children. I want to thank the donors for the joy and pleasure they have brought to our hearts. We truly believe that there are people who care about us and our children, and we want to thank them. May God grant them a thousand rewards.”

Hana registered with Islamic Relief which is International Waqf Fund’s parent organisation last year. As well as receiving our winter clothes, she has also received food for Ramadan, blankets, and a source of money every three months from the organisation.

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations. In addition to bringing a sustainable return year on year. It will also serve people indefinitely.

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