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Unemployment rates in India have been on the rise in recent years, with nearly one hundred million Indians jobless in 2010. Competition for each position is extremely high, so people who were disadvantaged early on in life often find it difficult to find a job and support their families. Islamic Relief’s skills training centre in Assam, India, offers vulnerable people the opportunity to gain basic skills in accountancy, languages and desktop publishing.

But training is highly sought-after in many areas of India today, so Islamic Relief’s waqf fund is building a workshop beside the vocational training centre to enable the centre to offer training in trades such as plumbing, masonry and electrics.

This workshop will train vulnerable people in the technical skills they need to secure employment. Once complete, the workshop will aim to train about 500 youths by the end of 2011. The Sustainable Livelihoods Waqf was previously called ‘Income Generation Waqf’.

Case Study

Mohammed’s struggle

While Mohammed Abdus Sabur was still at school, his father passed away, leaving Mohammed behind to support his five younger siblings. He managed to complete his education, but without vocational training, he was unable to get a job.

Mohammed’s family lives in Alamkhani with his family. His younger brothers and sisters weren’t able to continue their schooling and left education after primary school.

Islamic Relief’s vocational training centre in Mohammed’s village provides subsidised training in skills such as language, accounting and desktop publishing. Mohammed, who took classes at the centre explained, “I attended the desktop publishing course and I now have a job as an office assistant with a local charity.

But I need technical training to become an electrician so that I can get a job abroad.” The training centre will soon offer vocational classes, which Mohammed plans to attend. He hopes that six months of skill-based training will enable him to secure him a job in the Gulf and earn enough money to support his family

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