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International Waqf Fund has supported the reconstruction and reparation of five schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to recognising the vital importance of learning and education and trying to use smarter technology for learning.

It was our vision that, as well as appropriate buildings, schools should have the best modern equipment and tools. Thus, we supplied Waqf-funded Smart Boards.  The Smart Boards are interactive. Moreover, They are easier to maintain and benefit both pupils and teachers more than traditional white boards. In order to make classroom learning easier and much more fun.

We supplied Smart Boards to:

  • Islamic Secondary School in Visoko, which has 226 students and an education program with Arabic language and Arabic culture and history.
  • elementary and secondary school Al amel. A unique Arabic school in the area. Presenting Arabic culture, tradition and strengthening the status of Arabic language, with 260 students.
  • the educational center for young people and adults of Islamic communities of Kakanj, which is unique in the municipality.

The Director of the Islamic Secondary School in Visoko, Dženan Handzic, said, “We are happy that we are opening a new chapter in this school. By putting into operation 10 Smart Boards the school is fully equipped with the latest education technology. We are proud of this. Therefore, it is up to us to educate our educational staff and children. In addition to get the appropriate programs that will enable us to use all of the capabilities of Smart Boards. Moreover, it will enable us to use technology for better learning”

Students have also welcomed the new technology for learning in their classrooms.

Saudina Hodžić’ Experience with smart technology

High School Junior student Saudina Hodžić is using the Smart Boards in creative ways. She says her classmates are also more enthusiastic about going to classes to use them.

Saudina said, “Smart Boards’ potential can be most seen in Arabic and English classes. It is much easier to learn through the use of educational videos designed for smart boards. I personally, and my classmates, became more interested in classes because there is not only a green board and white chalk. We have a whole new approach to education. I have seen a bigger interest and attendance in class. The students try to use all the benefits of the Smart Board and explore its full potential. I want to thank International Waqf Fund. I’m really happy that I’m a part of this story.”

Hasić Bilal’ Experience with smart technology

Nineteen year old Hasić Bilal explained the positive impact the introduction of Smart Boards had, saying, “After the implementation of Smart Boards my desire for learning grew. The quality of education and teaching drastically improved.

“The classes are more interesting and appealing to attend. All the content is on one digital, interactive board. I felt a major improvement in English classes with a larger pool of exercises. Learning is in general way easier. My classmates and I look forward to attending classes because it is much more interesting now.

“I want to thank International Waqf Fund for donating the Smart Boards. I know that they did a lot for our school and they promised to support us in the future so I’m happy that generations like mine and younger can study on a whole new level.”

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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