Something to celebrate

A food crisis in Mali has left millions in hunger. Increasingly frequent droughts give communities little time to recover from the last poor harvest, and conflict in the region has made matters even worse. All of this, combined with rising food prices, means that very few families can afford any sustenance, let alone meat.

The traditional practice of slaughtering animals and giving the meat to the poor, known as Qurbani, allowed Islamic Relief to give nutritional meat to Malian families who usually survive on the life-saving but simple food assistance from aid agencies.

Orphans, single mothers, the elderly, and refugees were given priority as the most vulnerable and needy groups in the region. Thanks to Islamic Relief Waqf, 169 Qurbanis allowed nearly 2,400 people to enjoy a special meal, celebrating Eid al-Adha.

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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