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Education is the foundation for success. At International Waqf Fund we believe the key route out of poverty for poor communities is through educating their youth. Every year we devote our funds towards some educational projects. In 2019, we funded educational projects across Bosnia.

What’s happening in Bosnia?

Bosnia is a country still recovering the aftermath of the war that took place 24 years ago. Many families have been left without financial stability and permanent homes. In the educational sector, unfortunately, schools are outdated and teaching methods have struggled to evolve over the years. These old-fashioned teaching methods do not cater to children’s differing learning needs and sadly hinders their learning experience, during the very important years that set the tone for their future.

How did we help?

We believe every child has the right to an education and therefore, last year we focused on three educational projects in Bosnia to help better the learning experience for children. We funded projects that provided smart boards, uniforms, sports equipment and also scholarships.

Smarter technology for better learning

One way in which we helped improve educational facilities in Bosnian schools was by providing smart boards in classrooms to help better their learning experience. We helped transform two schools, the Elci Ibrahim Pasha Madrasa and the Gazi Husrev-bey Madrasa with a total of 38 smart boards.

This new form of technology allows for better interactive communication between teachers and students, with the display of digital images and videos and the touch screen features catering to different learning needs, incorporating visual, audio and kinaesthetic approaches to learning into lessons. This technology, therefore, facilitates quality teaching and learning, making classes more efficient and productive.

Here is what some students had to say:
Student Merima talking about the smart board project
Merima, student at Elci Ibrahim Pasha Madrasa

“We used to work on much older chalkboards and unfortunately this would sometimes not work well. However, with this new technology, it’s much easier to play our presentations. Our teachers are using the smart board to offer their lessons in a more creative way and this helps us to learn better [in class].” – (Merima, a student at Elci Ibrahim Pasha Madrasa)

Male student testing out the new smart board
Osman, student at Gazi Husrev-bey Madrasa

“We are very grateful for the opportunity that was given to us. The interactive projectors are going to improve the quality of our education, we are going to have much more fun and classes will be more interesting.” (Osman, a student at Gazi Husrev-bey Madrasa)


Supporting students at Al-Amal school

For three of the most vulnerable children, Sara, Harun and Hanan, International Waqf Fund provided scholarships for two years. We supported staff in improving the image of the school by providing work uniforms for staff and helped to increase physical activity by providing sports equipment for students.

Student learning at Al-Amal school







How does an Education Waqf share works?

When you donate an Education Waqf share you are investing in a child’s future and your own. We transfer all the donations we receive into low-risk Sharia-compliant investments. Once these accrue profits we use part of these profits towards bettering the educational standards of communities through various methods. This could include, building a school, providing scholarships or educational equipment. Some profits are also reinvested back into our fund so they can generate more income for years to come. With this project, you can build on your sadaqah jariyah whilst also transforming the lives of many thousands of children.

The cost of one Education Waqf share is only £150.

Donate today and help us unlock their potential.


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