A Ramadan Waqf Share is for life

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As we welcome yet another blessed Ramadan, the donations we receive continue to help us at International Waqf Fund improve the lives of those families most in need. Especially with the extremely difficult year that we have all been through. Many people have lost their jobs, their livelihoods and their loved ones. During this time, the increased generosity from our donors has been a beacon of hope for families who are struggling greatly.

What is a Ramadan Waqf Share and how does it work?

Our Ramadan Waqf Share is an opportunity for our donors to provide Ramadan food packs to help feed struggling families iftar during the holy month of Ramadan.

A single Ramadan Waqf Share costs just £600, yet feeds families for eternity, increasing your sadaqah jariyah. We invest this into low-risk and Sharia-compliant investments. From the returns of your donation, we provide a Ramadan food pack to a family the following Ramadan. Part of these profits are then re-invested to ensure a single donations keeps on feeding year after year.

Through a Ramadan Waqf Share you can:

✅ help to provide meals during future Ramadan’s, even after you are gone

✅ help to provide a food pack annually to an average family of 5 as a sadaqah jariyah on your or another person’s behalf

✅ You can donate a Ramadan Waqf Share via our website. You will then receive a receipt and annual reports demonstrating the projects implemented and the investments made.

✅ You can donate a full Waqf Share, half it with someone else, or even a split it three ways. We will provide a deed certificate for each donor.

We distribute Ramadan packages in more than thirty countries around the world through the implementation of the Fund’s main partners, Islamic Relief.

You can donate a share for Ramadan directly through our website and you will receive a receipt as well as the endowment deed for your share, in addition to a copy of the annual reports explaining our investment process and the charitable projects which the donations from the shares helped to facilitate.

Donate a Ramadan Waqf Share today!


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