Donate an Education Waqf Share & Leave a Lasting Impact

Education is crucial to achieving sustainable development in communities. It improves people’s quality of life, their ability to actively shape their future and their living situations, and their ability to live better.

The International Waqf Fund, whose motto is “Empowering them to empower themselves,” considers education a top priority. This motto cannot be realized without teaching and training the impoverished and helping them transition from poverty to self-sufficiency.

The value of an Education Waqf Share is £150.

Education Waqf Share

Unfortunately, a lack of access and opportunity to education only continues the cycle of poverty for many. This means the poorest children struggle to improve their lives for the better.

One of the ways we aim to tackle poverty is by providing opportunities where children have access to education.  A waqf education share provides a sustainable solution where some of the poorest children can have access to education, providing them with a way out of poverty and hardship.

The cost of one share is £150 and each year part of the profits are re-invested so your one donation keeps on giving.

Education Waqf Share is an infinite good

When you donate the value of a Waqf share, the funds are invested. After a year, the earnings are used to support educational initiatives in unprivileged or distressed nations and areas. In addition, we annually reinvest a portion of the returns to fund other projects.

In essence, your donation to the Education Waqf Share is an ongoing investment in children’s future and a form of Sadaqah Jariyah.

The Education Waqf Share funds various educational projects, including school rehabilitation, the provision of study materials, teacher training, and the construction of new schools for special needs groups.

Education projects in 2023

The Education Waqf Share implemented a project in Iraq in 2023. Military conflicts have displaced millions of people and worsened poverty and suffering. We intervened through our parent organization, Islamic Relief, and provided funding for a project to improve school infrastructure in the Kurdistan region, specifically concentrating on two schools.

“Before the renovation, our school had serious infrastructure problems. The bathrooms, electricity, fences, and roofs were in dire need of repair. Nonetheless, the project has transformed the learning environment into a safe and healthy space. We are grateful for this assistance, which has been of great help to us,” said Nijervan, the director of one of the beneficiary schools.

We improved learning outcomes in the region by providing educational materials and training some faculty members on child safety issues, social cohesiveness, and psychological support. As a result, over 1,200 children, including Mohammed, were able to receive a high-quality education and study in a safe environment.

“Muhammad,” a 14-year-old student said, “Our school has become a safer place after the installation of gates. Additionally, the renovations have enhanced the cleanliness and accessibility of the restrooms. As a result, we can now focus more on our studies and are glad to attend school. The breaks have become more enjoyable, and the overall cleanliness of the school has improved.”

سهم التعليم الوقفي

An Education Waqf Share costs

An Education Waqf Share costs

An Education Waqf Share costs

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