Supporting orphans into education

Around four years of conflict and severe economic decline in Yemen has resulted in a humanitarian crisis. As a result, children are disproportionately affected.

The conflict has taken a severe toll on children’s access to education. Over two million children, “specially orphans” and young people remain out of school. The result was depriving them of an education that could be life-changing for their future.

We have been Supporting orphans into education by many relief and development projects  to help the most vulnerable, including children and young people.

One of the most important Sponsorship of orphans programmes we’ve implemented has been one to one . Due to increasing living costs. Many families have been unable to afford to send the children to school. Therefore, fewer orphans enrolled or dropped out of school.

This Waqf-funded project provides an educational kit such as stationery and school bags. Thus, children will have the equipment they need to start school. While distributing the materials, volunteers also help raise awareness of the importance of education. They also encourage families to send their children to school.

As well as increasing the enrolment of 2,200 orphans into school, it also improves the awareness of how vital education and learning is for the children to have a brighter future.

Safia’s Story with supporting orphans education Project

Safia Munir Saeed Ali, is 17 years old. It is her 3rd grade at school now. She enjoys her studies and is ambitious. Safia is also taking English lessons after her school day ends, and wants to be an engineer.

The beneficary Safia lives with her sister, mum and aunt in a small house. That lets the rain in and also has unreliable electricity.  The family are struggling as prices continue to rise. concequently, our sponsership for orphans makes a real difference to them being able to send Safia to school..

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations. In addition to bringing a sustainable return year on year. It also will serve people indefinitely.

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