donate to widows and orphans :

donate to widows and orphans : 26th October to 1st November

What is Charity Week?

charity week for orphans

Charity Week  for orphans started off as a volunteer-led initiative where students in the UK came together for a week of fundraising. They then joined forces with our parent organisation, Islamic Relief UK and now this campaign has grown globally. Throughout the past 17 years, Charity Week have raising over 9 million pounds collectively. With up to seven countries participating, from the UK to Ireland, Germany, Qatar, South Africa, USA and Canada.

Help orphans we’re in a global pandemic!

The onset of Covid-19 has affected the entire world. With infection rates increasing, travel has been affected, gatherings have been banned and events cancelled. Many people have lost their jobs, livelihoods, their loved ones and are struggling to make ends meet.

In troubling times like these, Charity Week is a beacon of hope. Bringing the community together in creative ways through interesting online events, socially distanced bake sales and individual challenges, treks and so on.

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How to get involved

Every year thousands of orphans and needy children’s future is dependent on the funds raised through Charity Week. This year is no different, if anything this year the need is even greater due to the effects of the pandemic.

There are hundreds of events planned, from quizzes, auctions, history lessons and even virtual escape rooms. You can join a Charity Week event at any of the countries taking part.

Want to challenge yourself? You can also take part in the Charity Week 2020 Challenge from the comfort of your own home. Some brave fundraisers are skydiving and bungee jumping, whilst others are running 20,000 miles, cooking 20 meals or going sugar-free for 20 days. There’s still time to take part.

So where does the money go?

Each year Charity Week funds projects that directly help orphans and needy children around the world. This years projects are:

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