Giving, whether through financial contributions or spiritual generosity, instills in people a profound sense of humanity, inner joy, and genuine happiness. For example, by helping others overcome challenges and enriching their lives, we create a pathway to authentic happiness for ourselves. This stems from our acts of kindness and the efforts we invest, regardless of their scale.

Furthermore, solid human relationships and vibrant communities are based on giving and helping others. Working for the good of others gives us a genuine human connection and a strong sense of community that keeps us internally pleased regardless of outside influences.

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What is the connection between Giving?

In light of this, we encourage you to reconsider what happiness means by reflecting on the sustainable charitable projects we undertake each year in various communities and countries. Think for a moment about the recipients’ joy and the positive impact that our support, which enhances their health and education and helps them combat hunger and poverty, will have on their lives.

Afterward, you can transform the act of giving into positive action by donating a Waqf share or any amount as Sadaqah Jariyah. Then, await the lasting impact of your contribution.

In conclusion, the joy that comes with giving motivates us to persist in our charitable work despite any challenges we encounter. Waqf embodies a sustainable form of goodness, echoing a blessed prophetic Sunnah that binds us together like the sturdy bricks of a structure.

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