COVID-19 : How your Waqf donations are helping people across the globe

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As COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, many already vulnerable people have been impacted the hardest. With restrictions of movement in place, the livelihoods of many who rely on a daily income are struggling to cope financially.

Communities like those in Gaza and Niger, where poverty is at a high and access to healthcare is limited, will be some of the many who will find this pandemic extremely difficult.

This year, the International Waqf Fund have contributed to the COVID-19 emergency fund. This means we are responding to the COVID-19 emergency with hygiene kits, combined with Ramadan food packs, where need will be far greater this year.

Hygiene kits include essentials such as, toilet paper, soap, hand sanitisers disinfectants, gloves and other necessary toiletries.

See your food packs and hygiene kits being received in Gaza and Niger.

boy in Gaza receiving a food pack
Food packs being received in Gaza

Give year on year

When you donate to the International Waqf Fund your donations give year on year. We invest your donations into Sharia compliant means.

During this Ramadan and throughout this pandemic, some of the profits returned from your previous donations have been used to provide emergency aid to support families in Gaza and Niger. Whilst another portion of profits from your previous donations will be reinvested back into the Waqf fund, each year.

Waqf donations made 17 years ago are still providing much-needed aid and transforming the lives of people today.

Thank you, your donations continue to grow year on year, providing much-needed support to families in need.

Donate a Waqf share now or give a more general donation to sadaqah jariyah this Ramadan.

Waqf donations made 17 years ago are still providing much-needed aid and transforming the lives of people today.

Workers distributing food packs in Niger
Food packs being delivered in Niger

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