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indonesia donate waqf sadaqah jariyah : Pidie Jaya is a district in Indonesia which has experienced many hardships over the years.


After a long conflict ?

the country was then hit by a devastating tsunami and two deadly earthquakes at the end of 2004 and another subsequent earthquake at the end of 2016.


Following such unfortunate events, Pidie Jaya is now one of the poorest areas in Indonesia.


Out of the 150,000 people living in Pidie Jaya, around 30,000 people (20%) live below the poverty line.


Sadly, around 2,000 of these are orphans, with around 1,000 residents also living with disability.


On December 2016 an alarming 6.5 magnitude earthquake the devastated Pidie Jaya.


More than 10,000 people were evacuated and 19,130 homes left damaged :

including the building Ibu Salamah once called home.


A 47-year-old mother of three children, Ibu Salamah is a full-time carer to a disabled child.


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