Education Waqf Share: an Investment in Community Development

Achieving sustainable development in communities—especially those in poverty—requires that children have access to education. In addition to being a fundamental human right, education is also necessary to raise children’s standards of living. It gives individuals the ability to take an active role in creating their future and enhancing their quality of life.

Education doesn’t only lift children from underprivileged backgrounds, but it also provides them with the fundamental information and abilities needed to succeed in the job market and enhance their financial circumstances. Additionally, education fosters the growth of their personalities, improves their mental and social skills, and inspires them to make meaningful contributions to the advancement of their communities.

At the International Waqf Fund, we prioritize giving kids access to education as an investment in their communities’ future. Every year, we set aside a certain percentage of our Waqf for sustainable education projects.

How does the Education Waqf Share work?

When you donate the value of a Waqf share, we invest the funds and, after a year, begin using the profits to fund educational projects in impoverished or disaster-affected communities. We also reinvest a portion of the returns each year to support other projects.

So, your donation to the Education Waqf Share is like Sadaqah Jariyah, an ongoing investment in the future of children. To illustrate, the Education Waqf Share supports various projects such as rehabilitating schools, providing study materials, training teachers, and constructing new schools for special groups.

In 2023, the Education Waqf Share was active in Iraq. The nation was hit by war conflicts that resulted in millions of people being displaced, worsening poverty and creating immense misery. It was estimated that 1.3 million Iraqi children who were internally displaced were having trouble getting access to essential commodities, schooling, and even the internet and electronic devices.

Through our parent organisation, Islamic Relief, we provided funding for a project that aimed to upgrade two schools in the Kurdistan region.

Education Waqf

One of the beneficiary school directors, Nijervan, has stated that prior to the project, their school had serious infrastructure challenges and did not meet the required standards. There was an immediate need for repairs to the roofs, fences, restrooms, and electricity. Nonetheless, the project’s effort has, luckily, transformed the learning environment into a safer and healthier space.

By providing educational materials and training some of the faculty members on child safety problems, social cohesiveness, and psychological support, we helped improve learning results in the region. As a result, more than 1,200 kids, including Mohammed, the student, were able to receive high-quality education and study in a safe environment.

Education Waqf

“Muhammad,” a 14-year-old student, stated, “Our school is now safer thanks to the gate installation, and the renovations have improved the cleanliness and accessibility of the restrooms. We can now concentrate more on our studies and are glad to attend school. Break times are now more fun, and the school is cleaner.”

If you’re interested in learning more about education projects and want to donate an Education Waqf Share, you can visit our website.

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