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ramadan gifts charity : Charity is a beacon of hope for those who are overcome by the pain of poverty. In the midst of the darkness of destitution, International Waqf Fund are here to be of service. The thought of not knowing where your next meal is coming from, the cry of your starving baby and pain of your sick partner are terrifying worries. We believe no one should have to live in such a state of anxiety.

To tackle poverty and provide a glimmer of hope, we provided an extraordinary 1041 Ramadan food packs last year (2021). These Ramadan food packs benefitted families across Yemen, Sri Lanka, Chechnya and Somalia. Each food pack feeds an average family of 5. Therefore, we were able to feed an approximate 5205 people last Ramadan (2021).

Food packs in 2021

The contents of the food packs we provided include a variety of items. These food packs are designed based on the needs of the communities and vary across different countries and regions. Check out our 2021 Annual Report to see what items each Ramadan food pack contained last year.


215 food packs

1075 beneficiaries


282 food packs

1410 beneficiaries


249 food packs

1245 beneficiaries

Sri Lanka

295 food packs

1475 beneficiaries


Some of our beneficiaries had this to say…

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“Ramadan distribution is a real event for our family, it is a gift from our Muslim brothers and sisters and together with the food we are also granted their attention and care which we will never be able to compensate for. May Allah be pleased with them all. Ramadan food pack includes the products that we really need. All of them will last for a long while and I won’t have to occupy my mind thinking about what to prepare for suhoor and iftar. Thus, it is a great relief for me.” – Sara, a retired teacher from Chechnya.

“Each food pack could provide enough to nourish the family for more than two weeks. For us, the Ramadan food pack means a lot. We can actually have meals! We can have our suhoor, and iftar without any difficulties. I can use this rice for at least 20 days this Ramadan. The dates, flour and sugar can be used more than 10 days. Alhamdulillah, it is a great assistance for us this Ramadan. It reduces the financial burden of my family.

We pray for you all. Thanks to Allah, Alhamdulillah, and thanks to the people who remembered us and provided food for us.” – Saqib, from Sri Lanka.

ramadan food packs :

To be able to offer such assistance, in the form of Ramadan food packs, we utilised the returns of our Waqf investment pot. The way in which Waqf works is, we invest our donors initial donations into Shariah-compliant and low-risk investments. We use part of the profits from these returns towards life-saving projects, such as Ramadan food packs and others. We also reinvest some of these profits back into our investment pot to continue growing the funds, which will be used towards future projects. See our donation cycle, to understand how we use your Waqf donations to multiply your donations.

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