housing help for families Meet Jiang : 

housing help for families : He’s a 72 year old farmer living in a rural village in China. Jiang and his wife mostly get their income from farming. However, it’s a small farm and weather conditions of drought make it difficult, limiting their income.

Their house is over 50 years old, deteriorating and dangerous. Unfortunately, Jiang and his family cannot afford to build a new house or to move.

Jiang and his family were one in ten families which we helped in 2021 with new housing. With the return of Waqf shares, we helped to improve their living standards and helped to improve their quality of life.

“It is our good fortune that IWF launched this housing project in our village to help us build such a beautiful house, and it never occurred to me that I could live in a clean, bright and strong structured house in my life. It is strong enough that I will not worry it could collapse even during heavy rains.” – Jiang (housing beneficiary)

A Waqf share only costs £150 ($200/ €175). We safely invest this amount and use the profits to implement projects such as these.

To continue your cycle of Sadaqah Jariyah in a more sustainable way, we also reinvest some of your profits. This way we can continue funding projects like these and more throughout the years.

A cycle of Sadaqah Jariyah begins, when you share a portion of your wealth.

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