Have you had the privilege of drinking clean water today? Did you take a moment to realize the magnitude of this blessing, or did you quench your thirst without a second thought?

If safe drinking water flows effortlessly into your home, you are among the privileged majority, a stark contrast to the two billion individuals worldwide who are denied access to clean water, as highlighted by the World Health Organization.

The figures from 2021 paint a sobering picture, with one in every four individuals lacking access to safe water, equating to millions globally. The repercussions are severe, with around 1.4 million lives lost annually due to waterborne diseases and inadequate sanitation.

Regrettably, the years that followed haven’t seen an improvement, with the persistence of high poverty levels and water scarcity.

While water security is undoubtedly a global challenge, it is a call to action for each of us to do our part in transforming this distressing reality.

Drawing from the Quranic verses “And We made from water every living thing” (Surah Al-Anbiya – 30), and “Whoever saves one [life], it is as if he has saved all of humanity” (Al Maidah – 32), we, as Muslims, find a compelling call to action and a chance for immense reward in giving the gift of water to those in need for it.

This compelling reality, coupled with our religious and social duty, has propelled the International Waqf Fund to designate a specific Waqf share for funding vital water projects in the areas most in need.

When one thinks of water projects, the act of funding a well might spring to mind – a truly noble initiative. However, at the International Waqf Fund, we’ve conceptualized a way to extend the impact of your generosity beyond a single well, creating a lasting solution that addresses the needs of impoverished communities for many years to come.

How have we accomplished this? Through your contribution to a Water Waqf Share, which we invest in Sharia-compliant ventures. After a year, this share starts to yield returns. A portion of these returns is channeled into water projects, while the remainder is reinvested to ensure your principal amount continues to grow year on year, sustaining project after project.

In 2022, we allocated £68,250 from the returns on your Waqf shares to water and sanitation projects, with a particular focus on Mali. For 2023, our sights are set on additional regions, prioritizing the provision of water sources with safe connections to homes and schools, easing the daily burden on local communities in their quest for water.

We invite you to take a glimpse at some of our past projects.

Now is the time to join us in making a difference, to ease this distressing reality. Support the Waqf Water Share, and help us extend our reach to aid more individuals in desperate need of water projects worldwide.

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