Multiply your Sadaqah Jariyah, this Ramadan

When we give Sadaqa Jariyah, we do so with the intention that this Sadaqah will grant us continuous rewards, beyond the grave and into the hereafter.

The usual Sadaqa Jariyah initiatives are fantastic and help so many people. However, they are limited in potential.

When giving to provide an orphan sponsorship, once that orphan becomes 18 their sponsorship stops. In return, the donor receives the spiritual rewards of all the good that comes from this orphan as a result of their sponsorship. Including all the people they positively impact throughout their lives and all the knowledge they share.

What if there was a way to multiply that impact and aim for even greater spiritual rewards? With International Waqf Fund, you can do exactly that, multiply your impact and your spiritual rewards.


When you give a Waqf share with International Waqf Fund, we will safely invest your Waqf share, along with other donors from around the world. Once we accrue a 7% return, we will use some of these profits to fund projects in your chosen sector. Also, reinvesting these profits back into our investment pot, so we can continue growing your donation every year.

A Waqf share donation provides you the opportunity to reap the spiritual rewards of Sadaqah Jariyah, year after year.

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Multiply your impact, year after year.