international food aid organizations : Since 2018, a total of 15.9 million people in Yemen have been have been identified as food insecure. There are currently over 3 million internally displaced people who are in dire need. Due to ongoing conflict, the economic crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, food prices have risen, whilst food production has reduced and water quality is continuing to decrease.

We therefore provided food assistance to 72 households in Aden, benefitting around 504 people. Each individual received food rations in six instalments.

Each food basket contained:

  • 50kg white flour
  • 10kg rice
  • 5kg sugar
  • 5kg beans
  • 6kg oil

Meet Fawziah

a woman receives a food assistanceFawziah is a 60-years-old diabetic who lives in Yemen with her son, daughter-in-law, five grandsons and her husband who is currently unwell. Fawziah and her family struggle on a daily basis to meet their basic needs, with the whole family living in a single room without a bathroom or access to water.

He used sell mangos. She currently has no source of income. Her grandsons travel long distances, up to 2 hours each time, to get water from old wells. The family share a bathroom with their neighbours and struggle to eat with their limited income.

such as :

“It has really affected my health negatively. I cannot sleep. I have been bitten by mosquitos. Sometimes I go to bed thirsty. 

I’d really like to thank Islamic Relief Yemen for all their support. They proved that they are committed to supporting vulnerable people as they provided me with a food basket, so I will go back home happily because I will be able to cook and eat.”- Fawziah

For example, When you donate International Waqf Fund, you are investing in a family’s future as well as your own. We transfer all the donations we receive into low-risk Sharia-compliant investments. Once these accrue profits we use part of these profits towards bettering the lives of families in need through difficult times.

Thank you! 

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