Life in poverty struck Myaungmya

Myaungmya, a small village in Myanmar, has experienced various natural disasters in the last four decades (1970-2011), including cyclones and tidal surges, tornadoes and so on. Various social evils like mistrust amongst the ethnic groups have increasingly made matters worse.  Consequently, children in general and especially orphan girls and boys in Myaungmya have been the most affected. 

Families struggle for food due to their low income and the lack of opportunities. They cannot even dream to improve their house and install a tube well and latrines of their own. Unfortunately, due to their lack of income, the children’s education suffers. 

Hope in testing times

However, thanks to the returns made from donations to the International Waqf Fund, we have been able to begin implementing life-changing aid to families in Myaungmya.  

In the village of Myaungmyathis project, once complete will ensure 116 households (696 individuals – primarily women and children) will benefit directly from the following: 

  • Cash support – Assisting with home-based livelihoods like poultry, goat and cattle rearing including homestead gardening. This will help provide families with a sustainable income, with which they can afford to send their children to school. 
  • Education – Expanding and improving the existing school to ensure children are enrolled in a safe and secure school. 
  • WASH facilities – (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) to improve the school building with WASH facilities, addressing gender issues and installation of water pumps. 

Although, this project is still underway, here are some designs showing the proposed plan for the school and latrines we are in the process of building for the community of Myaungmya.

animated design of the proposed school building

(Proposed school design)

animated image of the designed school latrines

(Proposed school latrines)

As well as building latrines for the school, the WASH program will ensure every household will also be fitted with a quality latrine. 

Life in Myaungmya

Life in poverty afflicted Myaungmya is difficult for many, in particular parents like Thidar and Hanmi. They have three young girls, aged 13, 8 and a new-born. Both Thidar and Hanmi work as labourers during the harvesting season. Labourers in Myaungmya usually earn around £2.90 a day, unless they’re women, who earn considerably less for the same labour. Therefore, Hanmi is the main breadwinner in the household, he sometimes works as a taxi driver.

The family struggle with their daily income and often live to hand to mouth. Their living conditions are poor, their house held together by thatch, making it unsuitable for the varying seasons they encounter. They do not have a latrine and have to result to using open spaces in the nearby jungle. To fetch drinking water, Thidar wakes up at 5 am every day and treks one and a half miles on her own. 

This project will help families like Thidars via cash support to sustain themselves, as well as providing her daughters with the opportunity to go to school and get an education. 

Thank you!

Thanks to your Waqf donations, the returns from these investments help fund projects like these year after year. 

Help us support more families, donate to the International Waqf Fund today! 

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