Ramadan recap: How you helped feed families

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It’s no secret, during Ramadan is when Muslims give the most. It’s the most blessed month where we amplify our giving and other good deeds.

This year, the support from our donors meant we were able to put smiles on thousands of faces. By giving the gift of food in a month where we abstain from food and drink for long hours.

Due to previous donations we have collected and invested, we were able to provide 459 food packs across Indonesia and Iraq. This fed an incredible 2295 people.

Laylatul Qadr Sadaqah Jariyah forgiveness Ramadan Waqf    

Unlike your usual Sadaqah jariyah, at International Waqf Fund, we invest and grow your donations. We use some of these profits to fund projects like providing food packs in Ramadan whilst also reinvesting to ensure your one donation keeps on benefitting.

The support in terms of food packs provided this Ramadan was only possible due to the returns of investments from donations made in previous years.

Help us continue the cycle by providing a Waqf share today, to benefit the needs of tomorrow.

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