current events regarding religion :

current events regarding religion : Ever since the era of the Prophet (pbuh), Muslims used to mark religious events and celebrations as an opportunity to celebrate human values and perform good deeds.


In weddings and birthdays, they feed each other. During Eid they bring joy to the poor with their Sadaqah and sacrifice offering. At every state of abundance and well-being, they pay Zakat. However, the greatest time of all in which their acts of goodness are maximized is the Holy Month of Ramadan.


 An Entire Month of Instilling Human Values :

The splendor of Islam lies within the values behind each act of worship. For example, Ramadan is not only about abstaining from food, drink and lusts.


It’s is about  exerting the effort to bring certain values into action in order to gain Allah’s infinite forgiveness .


And mercy, especially during the Holy Month.


One of the most prominent values that are instilled in Ramadan is benevolence towards each other through refraining from harming others as well as helping them.


A true Muslims knows that, as stated by the Prophet,(pbuh) :

Ihsan (benevolence) is to worship Allah as if you see Him, and if you do not achieve this state of devotion.

Then (take it for granted that) Allah sees you.”


Among the additional values that Muslims seek to instill in Ramadan are generosity and helping the impoverished.


Ibn ‘Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) reported:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) was the most generous of the men;

and he was the most generous during the month of Ramadan when Jibril visited him every night and recited the Qur’an to him.


During this period, the generosity of Messenger of Allah (pbuh) waxed faster than the rain bearing wind.


Compassion and understanding the suffering of the vulnerable are among the greatest values that can successfully be nurtured in Ramadan.


Abstaining from food and drink for hours during the Holy Month is a reminder to Muslims of their brothers and sisters who do not have access to such basics for days and months, not just hours!


The Prophet (pbuh) said:

“The believers in their mutual kindness, compassion and sympathy are just like one body.

When one of the limbs suffers, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever”.


Prophetic Guidance on Human Solidarity :

  1. The Prophet (pbuh) offered us a timeless guidance including the mentioned above value .
  2. and so many more virtues that aim at reinforcing .
  3. then instilling brotherhood among the poor .
  4. and the wealthy regardless of any other differences they might have.


The true Muslim is obliged to help others as much as they could.

contribute to providing those in need with access to their needs, and engage with the entities and charities that make such efforts of empowering the vulnerable come true.


Waqf Shares… An Infinite Good for you and others :

Shedding light on the importance of Sadaqah and other forms of charity, Waqf is your insurance of the sustainability of your Sadaqah.


How is that?

Your donation of money, property or other assets, allows the profits from your donation to help those in need endlessly.


The International Waqf Fund helps you donate Waqf Shares that are invested allowing the profits to fund  :

  1. health.
  2. education.
  3. emergency relief projects.

To empower the vulnerable all over the world.


But what makes the rewards and impact of a Waqf Share never-ending?  


It is when we reinvest a small portion of the profits on your initial donation in order to ensure the continuity of your Sadaqah for year after another.


Ramadan Waqf Share :

Imagine donating a Sadaqah Jariyah, but instead of having a one-time impact.


your donation grows year after year and every Ramadan helping thousands infinitely and granting you lasting rewards!


You can donate a Ramadan Waqf Share now and help us reach more people allowing them access to our Ramadan Food Packs and many other charity projects.

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