ramadan daily tips :

ramadan daily tips : With Ramadan just days away, have prepared on how to make this your best Ramadan yet?

With anything great, planning and preparation are the keys to success. In order to make this month your best Ramadan ever, it’s important to take a moment to plan what are the key goals you want to achieve this . Below are some tips on how you can prepare for an optimum .


  1. Ramadan countdown calendar

Get yourself a month countdown calendar and cross off the days leading up to Ramadan. Not only will this mentally prepare you for what’s to come, but it will also help to unleash that excitement from within you to welcome the best month of the year.


  1. Realistic Ramadan goals and action plan

Grab a pen and paper and write down some SMART goals you want to achieve this . Is it reading more Quran, ensuring you complete all your fasts or simply giving more in charity outside of zakat (see our range of waqf shares). Whatever your goals, be realistic and plan month goals into your schedule. With a solid Ramadan action plan, you’ll be ready to go as the blessed month begins.


  1. Voluntary fasting beforehand

A huge part of month abstaining from food and water from sunrise to sunset. For many people, this is the most challenging aspect both physically and mentally. However, with early preparation and will power this is manageable. Get your mind, body and soul prepared by practicing some voluntary fasts prior to Ramadan.


  1. Swap the unhealthy junk food for healthy, nutritious foods

Ramadan is like a great big reset, a detox, a cleanse of the mind, body and soul. Fixing your diet by swapping the unhealthy junk foods with healthy and nutritious brain foods, will help fix your focus and energy levels. Getting through long days will be a lot easier when our bodies have been nourished with healthy foods. Here are 5 healthy suhoor ideas.


  1. A new sleep-wake schedule

The pre-dawn meal is at an hour when not a lot of people are used to being awake. It can be difficult to get into the routine of waking up super early for breakfast. Prior to Ramadan, slowly change your sleeping and waking schedule to make waking up earlier easier. Some tips are to, prepare your breakfast before bed, sleep early, set your alarm and take a nap in the afternoon.


  1. Give more to charity

Last but not least, the month is the month of giving. There are plenty of innovative ways to give more this . Firstly, Waqf has a month share you can contribute towards. We invest your donations and use the collective returns from our investment pot to fund Ramadan food packs. Unlike your usual food pack donation, Waqf is a sustainable way to give where your one-off donation keeps on giving.


Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Ramadan.