sustainable futures :

sustainable futures : Our sustainable livelihood projects have played a huge role in transforming the lives of many communities throughout the years. Helping communities to work their way out of poverty by providing skills and resources through training workshops.

Here are some of the sustainable projects we have implemented recently:

Supporting unemployed households with greenhouses in Albania :

For instance, In Albania an estimated 20% of the population are living below the poverty line. Rural areas, young people, women and people with disabilities are the most affected by this.

During, 2021 we used the returns from Waqf Shares to provide 10 families with a sustainable source of income. Each family was provided a 100 square meter greenhouse, training, seeds, irrigation, ventilation and pesticides. This project has enabled us to provide long-term solutions for communities by allowing them to generate their own income and improve their living standards.

“We are very happy and this has changed our lives. Your help is valuable to us. Thanks to you we have the confidence that we will be able to live a better life, with this new greenhouse.” – Nadia, beneficiary

The art of beekeeping in Jordan

So, In Jordan, more than 19% of the Jordanian population is classified as poor. To help with income generation activities, we used the returns of Waqf shares to provide income generation activities to 9 families.

Therefore, We provided a beehive consisting of 6 cells and the capacity to produce 60kg of honey as well as training, That is to say, .

“I found it as an opportunity to support my family financially. The whole family helps me collect the honey. We package at home. My father markets within the community and I do the same at my university.

For me through this opportunity I am able now to cover my personal expenses which ease my family’s financial burden.” – Mahmud, 19 year old beneficiary

How does an Orphan Waqf Share work?

Firstly, All it takes is an invest of £150 ($200/ €175) to donate a Waqf share. Secondly, We safely invest this amount to grow your donation. Some profits from this will be utilised to fund Sustainable Livelihood projects like these. We always reinvest a portion of your profits, to multiply your impact each year.

For example, A cycle of Sadaqah Jariyah begins, when you share a portion of your wealth.

Give a Sustainable Livelihood Waqf share today.