There is a concerning rise in the number of refugees as a result of the ongoing conflicts across the world. According to UN estimates, there are currently over 110 million refugees and internally displaced people worldwide, an all-time high. Shockingly, 9 out of 10 refugees reside in low-income or middle-income nations,  which is not only a burden on these nations but also a hindrance for refugees to rebuild their lives outside their home countries.

 As part of humanitarian efforts to aid and assist those in need, it is essential to support refugees through sustainable projects, given the multiple crises and increasing poverty rates. 

The International Waqf Fund considers sustainability the cornerstone for improving the conditions of impoverished refugees worldwide. Hence, it places a high value on this approach in its humanitarian programs and charitable projects.

Why is it crucial to support refugees? 

It’s because they were forced to flee their homes and towns due to conflicts, persecution, or natural disasters and face daily poverty. While some refugees have managed to find better housing, they can still not support their families. Others are forced to live in inhumane camps. Supporting refugees is, therefore, not only a humanitarian obligation but also an investment in creating a better world where everyone has equal opportunities and dignity.

Sustainable Projects by the Waqf  to Help Refugees Worldwide

Sustainable projects are vital in helping refugees worldwide rebuild their lives. With a focus on enhancing individuals’ skills and capacities, these projects offer sustainable opportunities for growth and progress. The projects include constructing schools, providing healthcare, offering chances for work and education, skill development, improving financial independence, developing infrastructure, and much more. Thanks to these projects, refugees can create a fresh, independent, and dignified life and significantly impact the growth of the communities in which they reside.

The Waqf Shares is committed to implementing sustainable projects that help impoverished refugees worldwide. In 2023, we assisted 80 young refugees in Lebanon in improving their skill sets so they could find work and sustain themselves.

A large number of young individuals from Lebanon have migrated to other places in search of work. In the meantime, employment opportunities are shrinking and inequality is increasing for those who have chosen to stay in the nation. The situation is made even more challenging by the widening gap between the rich and the poor.

We funded a project for our parent organization, Islamic Relief, that supported young people from impoverished Lebanese and Palestinian refugee families. Over the nine-month program, 40 young men and 40 women received training through partner organizations. Twenty young men were also given the equipment and materials to begin their projects. Our goal was to assist these young individuals in creating better futures.

Sustainable Projects

We carry out numerous projects every year, and you can stay updated on our progress. 

You can contribute to helping refugees worldwide through donating an Emergency Relief Share. Give Sadaqah Jariyah or Waqf Share. These donations are invested, and the returns are utilized to fund projects globally. 

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