act of charitable giving :

act of charitable giving : Development is the greatest thing that can be offered to poor communities.

In particular, to impoverished families within these low-income communities.

so they may gain some independence and be able to transition from a state of poverty and need to become self-reliant.

This represents the most important element of community and sustainable development.

For instance,

  • Provision of education.
  • training.
  • healthcare.
  • increasing self-reliance of these communities adds up the components of this development.

these means are the only way to eradicate poverty.

Charitable endowments(waqf) are among the most significant forms of global support in the Islamic, humanitarian sphere.

Above all they are sometimes known as ‘sadaqah jariyah’ (continuous, ongoing charity), the good of which does not cease.

If we look at charitable endowments (waqf)  :

in light of sustainable development, they share the concepts of stability and permanence.

The purpose of endowments is the continuous, uninterrupted flow of charitable support by preserving the asset and utilizing its proceeds.

We, at the International Waqf Fund :

seek through investment means and charitable disbursement projects, to eradicate poverty – not to coexist with it.

We aim to achieve this by investing in poor communities to provide job opportunities.

Also select:

  1. humanitarian.
  2. and charitable projects.

for the poor to increase their self-reliance by providing funding for small projects and training individuals to learn a trade through which they can enter the labor market.

We have adopted within our policies an attempt to transform the needy from a state of poverty to one of self-sufficiency.

From our reports on our website :

Therefore, to achieve this aim as well as our willingness to diversify.

However, By focusing on various poor communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

In addition to targeting various social categories, including:

  • orphans.
  • students.
  • youth and women.

By way of your generous contributions, we will continue to do more to fulfil this mission.

To your support helps us provide infinite support.