Waqf shares support Those Affected by Wars of Famines and Humanitarian Crises

In addition to posing difficulties for international relations and local security, wars and crises endanger human life and dignity. Armed conflicts or natural disasters frequently result in economic, social, and health collapses for communities impacted by wars and crises.

Many challenges are faced by those affected by wars and conflicts, including limited access to food and shelter, deteriorating medical and educational infrastructure, and the breakdown of social and emotional bonds. Millions of people face ever more severe humanitarian conditions as a result of rising rates of hunger and poverty.

Of the two million residents of the Gaza Strip, which has been immersed in a violent conflict since October 7, 2023, about 1.1 million are severely starving. As a result, the Secretary General of the United Nations has described the situation as having ‘horrifying levels of hunger and suffering.’ He further noted that this is the largest number of people ever recorded by the classification system facing catastrophic hunger anywhere, at any time.

In addition, armed conflicts broke out in Sudan in the middle of April 2023, resulting in a 46.5% poverty rate as well as a catastrophic economic and societal collapse. It is anticipated that recovery efforts will take years.

Waqf shares support Those Affected by Wars of Famines and Humanitarian Crises

Given the challenging conditions that several nations face, charitable organizations are critical to providing support and assistance to those affected. They give those in need access to the bare essentials, including food and shelter, medical care, and psychological assistance. They also prioritize reconstructing schools, sponsoring orphans, and supporting small businesses to help them become self-sufficient.

Individuals play a crucial role in supporting charitable relief and sustainable projects. Organizations struggle mightily to fulfill their missions without contributors’ assistance. At the International Waqf Fund, we collaborate with donors who contribute Waqf shares to support those in need. We ensure that their donations have a significant impact by allocating their returns to emergency relief and livelihood support projects.

In 2023, we undertook several noteworthy projects to support individuals displaced in the Gaza Strip and those impacted by the terrible earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria. Initially, we focused on providing individuals with urgent food, healthcare, and shelter. Later, we started concentrating on sponsoring orphans, offering psychological help, and rehabilitating them.

Read more about how we work to support those affected by Wars of famines and humanitarian crises.

It’s time to move beyond silent sympathy behind screens and take concrete steps to support initiatives and projects that aim to save the lives of people impacted. Donating is now an easy and safe process that allows you to track its effects in real-time.

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