Welcome to our new site!

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New brand

Assalamu alaykum and welcome to our brand new website!

Bismillah-hi-rahman-ni-rahim (in the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful)

We are really excited to finally welcome you to our brand new website under our new name ‘International Waqf Fund’. Previously known as Islamic Relief Waqf, we have renewed our vision and changed our name.

We are still using your generous donations to provide life-changing aid through our sustainable projects.

We planned to have been launching under better circumstances. Nevertheless, with COVID-19 affecting the whole world we recognise the increase in demand for our charity now more than ever.

Take a tour of our new website

  • Find out how we use your donation.
  • We have reduced our waqf share to £150 (€200/$250), making it easier for you to donate.
  • See the work we have done so far.
  • Our team is growing and we hope to bring you more updates on our blog and socials.

Don’t forget to connect with us on our socials by following us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest projects we are implementing.





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