Every year, Muslims gather to perform the ritual of Qurbani (sacrifice) during the blessed month of Dhu al-Hijja, the season of Hajj. 

What is the meaning of Waqf?

Waqf is an Islamic term that means “detention” or “stoppage.” In legal terms, it is the dedication of property for a pious purpose in perpetuity. The main objective of a waqf is to dedicate property to a purpose that is recognized as religious, pious, or charitable under Muslim law.

In order to deepen your knowledge about Waqf in Islam we made for you a detailed guide to know more from here.

Benefits of waqf for the community

Religiously, Qurbani holds a great virtue, as our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “A human does no action from the actions on the day of Nahr more beloved to Allah than spilling blood (of sacrificial animals). On the Day of Judgement, it will appear with its horns, hair, and hooves, and indeed the blood will be accepted by Allah from where it is received before it even falls upon the earth, so let your heart delight in it.”

Socially and humanely, the impact of Qurbani is significant and far-reaching. Millions of impoverished individuals around the world cannot afford meat as a regular part of their diet due to its high cost and its inability to provide even the most basic nutrition.

The absence of meat from the meals of hundreds of thousands of people continuously affects their health and accentuates the stark difference between them and those who can provide good food for their families and children.

For all these reasons, Allah legislated the sacrifice and made it a mercy, forgiveness for the one who offers it, and a source of joy and benefit for the needy.

Advantages of the International Waqf Qurbani Share

At the International Waqf Share Fund, we recognize that Muslims may not easily reach the poorest communities around the world. Therefore, we undertake the task of slaughtering and distributing the sacrificial animals every year with the assistance of our partner organization, the Islamic Relief Organization, which collects data, prioritizes locations, and carries out the distribution.

Typically, a Muslim would pay a sum of money to purchase a sacrificial animal for one year, slaughter it, distribute its meat, and earn its reward from Allah.

However, at the International Waqf Fund, we have devised ways to donate to make your Qurbani an ongoing charity for you. We will sacrifice on your behalf every year, and the reward of Waqf is considered to be very great in Islam and will be ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah). because the benefits of the waqf continue even after the person who made the waqf has passed away.

Here’s how our Waqf Share works

  1. You choose the number of Waqf Shares you wish to donate.
  2. Your donation is combined with others to purchase and slaughter the animals.
  3. The meat is distributed to those in need, following Islamic guidelines for Qurbani.
  4. We provide you with annual reports and newsletters, informing you about the locations where the Qurbani was performed and the distribution that took place, keeping you informed about the progress of your donation.

Now is the time to make a profitable investment with Allah in His blessed days and donate a Waqf Share that will bring smiles to the faces of the needy.

Have a look at the impact of the International Waqf Qurbani Shares in previous years and donate now.