Disease prevention WASH kits for vulnerable people in Mali

Mali is one of Africa’s biggest countries yet at the same time, one of the world’s poorest nations. Almost half the population lives on less than $1.90 a day, whilst around 18 million people heavily rely on agriculture. Sadly, the effects of climate change have led to food shortages for many communities.

Our project in Mali focussed on immediate disease prevention following the onset of COVID-19. We aimed to support as many vulnerable people and at-risk people as possible.

Here are the following activities we implemented in two of the hardest-hit districts in Bamako:

  • Distribution of WASH kits to 300 households
  • Twenty sessions held to educate and raise awareness of Covid-19
  • Forty faith leaders trained on Covid-19 prevention and identification
  • Thirty-three televised and radio broadcasts to raise awareness of Covid-19
  • Displays of posters in public places, informing the public of best practice for disease prevention
  • Twenty-two health centers provided with hygiene kits, WASH kits, and protective clothing (gloves and masks).

Meet Djeneba

Djeneba is a 75-year-old housewife who lives in commune 2 in Bamako with her husband, her four sons, their wives, and their 22 grandchildren. Her four sons are the breadwinners, feeding their family through their work as gardeners.

Unfortunately, during the rainy season, their gardens have been left destroyed by the heavy rainfall, leaving them with reduced space to grow their produce.

The family struggle financially and at home have only have 10 rooms between all 32 of them with no washing or cooking facilities.

“My family does not have enough money to survive. We do not have access to clean water. Sometimes we buy water from a private tap nearby and sometimes when we have no money we have no choice but to drink water from the well. We need financial support for our children and we need food support during these difficult times”. – Djeneba

Djeneba is grateful for the support she received through this project and thanks Islamic Relief for their support:

“Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah (SWT). I thank the donors from Islamic Relief who have granted me the Covid-19 prevention WASH kits.

I have received adequate kits for my family’s protection with hygienic tools. May Allah (SWT) protect the donors and all humanitarian workers around the world.”


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