Hatidza working on her agricultural project from the loan received by International Waqf Fund

يعد هذا المشروع استمرارًا للتبرعات التي تم استثمارها في عام 2017. وفي عام 2019، استفاد من الأموال المتكررة ما مجموعه 46 شخصًا.

Widows, orphans, and survivors of war are some of the most vulnerable people in Bosnian society today. To help empower these individuals to be able to lift themselves out of poverty and build a sustainable financially-independent future, we provided 46 microfinance loans to locals in a variety of areas:
⦁ 4 social loans
⦁ 14 business loans
⦁ 17 housing loans
⦁ 11 education loans

These loans helped cover the cost of medical expenses, firewood for heating, agricultural development, business set-up or expansion, house repairs, and additional schooling and scholarships.

One of the many war widows to benefit from an Islamic Relief loan is Hatidza. Living in Hadzici, near the capital Sarajevo. Hatidza’s husband was killed at the beginning of the war in 1992. Most of her family, including Hatidza herself, were held in concentration camps during the war.

The majority of Hatidza’s male relatives were killed. Her two brothers spent around four years in different concentration camps and soon after the war both died from injuries relating to the war. They were beaten many times in the camps. Hatidza’s brother-in-law was sadly also killed along with his 30 family members during the conflict. After enduring so much loss, Hatidza bravely stood as a witness to the war in Court.

To help support her financial future, we provided Hatidza with a loan enabling her to buy firewood for heating purposes, to carry out some reconstruction in her house (installing new windows) , and  to start an agricultural project. Hatidza bought some seeds and planted various vegetables to enable her to financially sustain herself and her family from the income that they will bring.

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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Hatidza working on her agricultural project from the loan received by International Waqf Fund