• 1 school with 3 classrooms and 1 teacher room constructed.
  • 1 tube well installed
  • 4 chamber latrines installed

Around 78% of the population in Rakhine State live in poverty compared to the national average of 37.5%, according to the World Bank report.
The situation in Rakhine remains unchanged for the 470,000 non-displaced Rohingya people staying in these villages and a 130,886 stateless Rohingya people living in displacement camps.
Both those staying in villages and IDP (internally-displaced people) camps have experienced restricted mobility, limiting their livelihood options and access to basic services such as health care and education.
This project aimed to enhance the learning environment of children, including their water and sanitation facilities, with the view of increasing the enrolment and attendance of students.
For this project, returns from Waqf shares were used towards:

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