Situation: There are four health centres for the treatment of kidney diseases but working at low efficiently compared to the large number of patients looking for kidney dialysis treatment, this situation has led to an increased number of deaths, especially among the elderly.

Impact: Lack of access to healthcare cuts many peoples life short. Sadly, in areas such as El Soukey in Sudan, there is a lack of funding and access to healthcare for many people.

Response: This projected responded to the need for medical equipment in Sudan. With around 206 recorded kidney patients (Ministry of health) in the project area, £30,000 of Waqf returns were used to help the community hospital with medical equipment.

Two new Nipro Surdial 55 Plus machines and two Functional Dialysis Chairs were installed and currently are operational. The project was initially designed to support the kidney patients who are suffering from lack of medical equipment.

In Sennar state, the number of people with kidney failure continue receiving treatment in the government hospitals is estimated to be around 1,500 people, in addition to patients receiving treatment in the private centers and hospitals.

Accordingly, the project was successful in addressing these challenges through the provision of the kidney dialysis machines.

Amna is a kidney patient who receives medical support that is helping to save her life. Amna is a woman of strong faith, she is an elderly woman who has a hearing problem and speaks in a low tone.

“I am relieved now that El-Souki Health centre has opened and is fully functional. I started my treatment two month ago; the treatment is free and the staff are very nice. I come to the centre twice a week and my dialysis session takes four hours.

I depend on Allah, Alhumdulillah (praise God) and I accept any fate he has for me in the future. Allah is the creator of life and death.

I wish blessings and goodness upon the people who supported us, they have eased our suffering. Thank you very much.”

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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