The Government Boys High School in North Waziristan has 10 classrooms, some are functional whilst others are partially damaged and need rehabilitation.

A total of 5 rooms need complete renovation. All the rooms are made of concrete. The school faces a major issue of water and sanitation facilities. There is no proper clean water facility for school while water is coming in pipeline from the nearby village, but there is also water shortages in the village so the students and school staff fetch water from the other nearby villages. The school needs renovation/ rehabilitation of washrooms for students and teachers. 

Many children are out of school because the local community is unaware about the importance of education. Children face great difficulty during school time when there is no electricity in hot weather.

There are no fans in the schools so IWF technical team assessed the school in consultation with PTC members and suggested solar system installation at school.  

This project has helped to build and upgrade education facilities that are child, disability and gender sensitive to provide a safe, non-violent, inclusive learning environment for all.

With the returns of Waqf shares, the money has funded the schools rehabilitation. This includes:

  • The renovation of the main school building
  • The boundary wall
  • The fencing
  • Solaization
  • The drinking water supply
  • The latrine construction and rehabilitation
  • Construction of hand washing pads and other necessary sanitation activities along with stationary and clothes for vulnerable children.

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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