Providing Barber shop vocational training for local Jordanians

With lack of support for Jordanians battling against poverty, we stepped in again in 2019 to provide support to local communities struggling to maintain a livelihood.
We identified nine of the worse-affected areas in terms of unemployment in the central and southern regions. We then provide vocational training in barbering and how to run a successful business. In total, we helped to establish nine fully-equipped barber shops.
This project has successfully provided opportunities for young men to start their own business, enabling them to live a stable and dignified life. As a result, the project has provided long-term economic support for families, enabling parents to send their children to school and protect them from the risk of child labour.


Meet Safwan

A 19-year-old who left school early due to his chronic illness and limited family income.
This project has allowed Safwan to learn new skills, gain confidence, and become independent.

After two months of training, Safwan has now moved onto serving real customers. With this new-found independence, Safwan is no longer reliant on his father.

Safwan now feels as though his life has a purpose and he wants to further his knowledge about the trade he has chosen. He hopes to enroll in hair-cutting and further training courses.

Today, the barbershop vocational training is a meeting place for the area’s local residents who come to the shop to socialize in the evenings. This project was made possible thanks to a grant provided by the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization, the International Waqf Fund, and the Masar Al-Khair initiative.

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