Providing financial support, education and WASH facilities for poverty-struck families in Myanmar

Myaungmya is a small village in Myanmar. Due to insufficient job opportunities in the area and the low level of income available, families struggle financially. Food poverty is common, whilst many people do not have access to critical water and hygiene facilities such as tube wells and latrines. In addition, children’s education also suffers as these financial hardships impact entire families.  

With this project, we’ve covered three critical areas of need:
⦁ Financial support: We’ve provided home-based livelihood opportunities including poultry, goat, and cattle rearing and homestead gardening. This has provided families with a sustainable income
⦁ Education: We’ve expanded and improved existing schools to ensure children are enrolled in safe and secure educational facilities
WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) facilities: We’ve improved school infrastructures by providing WASH facilities (suitable for boys and girls) and installing water pumps
Laborers – Thidar and Hanmi have three young girls and usually earn around £2.90 a day during harvesting season. The family struggle with their daily income and often live hand-to-mouth. Their living conditions are poor. In addition, the family do not have a latrine and are forced to use open spaces in the nearby jungle.

This project has thankfully helped families like Thidar’s by providing cash support to enable the family to sustain themselves financially, as well as providing their daughters with the opportunity to go to school and receive an education.

Alongside the cash support, we trained up beneficiaries on how to manage and budget their money. We also lead an orientation day teaching beneficiaries how to maintain and manage their houses, tube wells, toilets, and generally how to improve their water and sanitation practices. Our teams additionally provided livestock-based skills training to help teach individuals how to look after their animals.

This project provided seven deep wells for 116 families living in Myaungmya, instead of using hand pumps for each household.

The difference between IWF and other organisations is that IWF will invest your donations and bring a sustainable return year on year and serve people indefinitely.

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