Supporting an orphan family in Mali

In partnership with Islamic Relief Canada, this project supported an orphan family of seven from getting evicted from their home in Bamako, Mali.
After some inheritance disputes, Moussokoura and her six orphan children were on the verge of being evicted from their home. Moussokoura reached out for help and together with Islamic Relief Canada and International Waqf Fund, this project was able to help her and her family.
Moussokoura and her children are now the legal owners of their homes and no longer have to worry about being evicted.
“I thank all the donors and namely the sponsor of Sambou and Nene and the donors of Waqf fund for their support. May Allah (SWT) reward and protect them, increase the weight of their good deeds, and grant them whatever they want. Truly, I don’t have the right words to thank the donors.
Without them, this problem would not be fixed. May Allah (SWT) reward them with the highest place in paradise.”


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