Supporting students and providing scholarships at Al-Amal school in Bosnia

Al-Amal primary school was established in Sarajevo in 1996 and has been operating as a local primary school ever since. The school aims to provide quality education to children in their mother language, namely Arabic.
Recently, with increased demands within the community, a secondary division has been added to the school. After the opening of the secondary division at Al-Amal, with the help of Islamic Relief in Bosnia, the school’s building has since expanded to accommodate more than 250 students.
As part of this project, the International Waqf Fund has provided:
⦁ Uniforms for 36 teachers
⦁ Sports equipment for 163 students
⦁ Scholarships for three of the most vulnerable children
Three children, Sara, Harun, and Hanan have secured scholarships to attend school for the next two years. In addition, the provisions of new sports equipment mean children at the school can increase their amount of physical activity in sports lessons.
“We didn’t have a gym and it was hard to find equipment. We recently received tracksuits that made it much easier for us to attend sports education classes.
Now it is much easier for us to train and we also all look like one united team. No one is different which is very nice.
Thank you to all of you who help children and enable them to grow healthily and happily as any normal child should.” – Nedzla


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