The art of beekeeping to sustain livelihoods

“I found it as an opportunity to support my family financially. The whole family helps me collect the honey. We package at home. My father markets within the community and I do the same at my university.
For me through this opportunity I am able now to cover my personal expenses which ease my family’s financial burden.”. –

Situation: Jordan has a long tradition of beekeeping, yet the honey industry remains underdeveloped. However, beekeeping activities provide an income to over 3000 households in honey production and have significant potential to contribute to income generation and employment creation among low income populations.

Impact: More than 19% of the rural population in Jordan is classified as poor. This project will contribute providing new income opportunities to the vulnerable Jordanian families by increasing market access and improving honey quality.

Response: 9 families, in rural and secluded areas were provided with a beehive consisting of 6 cells where each cell contains 10 wooden planks (frames) for the purpose of producing 60 kg of honey. The project therefore assists families with income generation through beekeeping activities.

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