Empowering Poor Communities: The Sustainable Impact of Your Donations

The International Waqf Fund offers hope to those in need by supporting projects that uplift livelihoods and provide families with crucial psychological and social support. Witnessing families’ resilience is inspiring, and your generous contributions fuel their progress through financial aid and vocational training. Furthermore, operating across various countries, we utilize the Sustainable Livelihood Waqf Shares to fund projects that enhance people’s lives. 

When you donate a Waqf share or any amount as Sadaqah Jariyah, your contribution supports low-risk, Sharia-compliant investments. Profits from these investments finance impactful projects, with a portion reinvested annually for sustained growth. The Waqf Share’s impact echoes the blessings of Sadaqah Jariyah, creating a lasting difference.

Sustainable Livelihood Projects in 2023: Empowering Youth in Lebanon

Lebanon was facing its worst economic crisis ever, further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and the devastating Beirut explosion of 2020. By 2023, poverty and unemployment had become rampant, especially among young people.

To enhance youth opportunities, we used the proceeds from your Waqf shares to support a project in partnership with our parent organization, Islamic Relief—the project aimed to assist ambitious youth from underprivileged Lebanese and Palestinian refugee backgrounds. We allocated £40,000 of funding over nine months to provide vocational skills training to 40 young men and 40 young women, all of whom were orphans. Additionally, those interested in entrepreneurship were encouraged to develop business plans, with 20 individuals receiving further assistance in acquiring equipment and raw materials.

Supporting Orphan Families in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, prolonged conflict and recurrent natural disasters have brought the nation to the edge of economic collapse. Women and children, significantly, endure severe hardships, with limited access to employment and education. According to the World Food Programme, all families led by women in Afghanistan need humanitarian aid to survive. The closure of institutions and rising malnutrition rates exacerbate the challenges faced by the population.

In 2023, the International Waqf Fund supported orphan-led families in Kabul Province. Islamic Relief assisted parents and guardians in developing action plans and provided business training. Cash grants of $500 to $600 helped establish small businesses such as shops, carpet weaving, poultry farming, and tailoring ventures. Also, families lacking access to essential amenities received grants for kitchen and bathroom repairs and water pump installations.

This project empowered 120 guardians to achieve sustainable livelihoods and improved health outcomes for their families

In Kabul Province, a woman uses a sewing machine provided by the International Waqf Fund.

Invest With Allah (SWT), donate a Waqf Share or any amount as Sadaqah Jariyah, and impact more lives.

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