donations to nonprofit organizations tax deductible :

donations to nonprofit organizations tax deductible : Are you ready for Eid ul-Adha? On July 22nd the blessed month of Dhull hijjah will begin.

In this month :

we’re encouraged to make the most of the first ten days as they are known to be the most blessed days in the Islamic calendar.

You can fast, read more Qur’an, give extra in charity or all the above.

Usually, during these days pilgrims in Mecca begin their journey through the many steps taken to complete the Hajj, followed by Eid-al-Adha.

Unfortunately :

this year’s Hajj will look very different from previous years with only locals being able to attend due to the pandemic.

With some countries still under strict lockdown measures: Eid-al-Adha may also bare resemblance to the quiet Eid many of us experienced at the end of Ramadan.

Whether you attend Hajj or not :

Qurbani is mandatory on every sound-minded Muslim who is old enough to and financially able to.

Qurbani translates to sacrifice and the ritual of Qurbani directly reflect back to the story of the prophet Ibrahim (as) and the sacrifice he made, as well as some of the acts of the Hajj.

The Story of Ibrahim

Prophet Ibrahim (as) once dreamt that Allah almighty ordered him to sacrifice his son Ismail.

  • Upon hearing this: Ismail with his faithfulness and belief in Allah agreed to follow the command of Allah.
  • After that, When Ibrahim (as) attempted to sacrifice his son, Allah replaced Ismail with a white horned ram instead of his son Ismail.
  • Because of Ibrahim (as) sincere sacrifice Allah excused Ismail (as).
  • The Qurban: we practice every year is a reminder of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (as) story and his devotion and faithfulness to Allah almighty.

Qurbani in lockdown

Regardless whether you planned Hajj and it was cancelled or you were always intending to observe Eid-al-Adha at home, you can still reap the rewards of Qurbani from the comfort of your own homes, by donating to us.

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic and natural disasters in some parts of the world disrupting so many livelihoods, many vulnerable people will be desperately waiting for this Eid.

For instance, some it will be the only chance to taste meat in the year, for others who have lost their livelihoods or homes, it’ll help feed their family in these uncertain times.

How to turn your Qurbani into Sadaqah Jariyah

Once you’ve donated your Qurbani for this year :

we encourage you to give a little extra by investing in a Qurbani Waqf share.

In other words,  This means, providing a secure Qurbani for a family every year, with a one-off donation.

A donation to us is a donation to Islamic Relief, we work hand-in-hand.

Here at the International Waqf Fund, we invest your donation in a sustainable system that ensures your sadaqah goes further.

For instance,  lasting for years and years. When you give a one-off Qurbani, you feed a family for one Eid, but when you give to our Qurbani Waqf share.

you help us facilitate a sustainable chain of funds to ensure a secure Qurbani for years.

How does a Qurbani Waqf Share work?


One Qurbani Waqf share costs £2000. Your one-off donation will be invested in our low-risk investment fund.

These typically accrue around 5-7% of returns.

A majority of these profits we will use towards a Qurbani next year and a portion will be re-invested back into our fund.

Each year your investment will help us feed more and more families, up to 5 people per Qurban, building on your sadaqah jariyah.

From the many years we’ve been providing Qurbani Waqf shares.

since 2015 :

we have issued 990 Qurbanis from the returns, directly benefitting 14,776 people.

This year, we’ve increased our Qurbani Waqf share from £890 to £2000 so you can get more out of your donation.

Donate a Qurbani Waqf Share today and reap the rewards for years to come.

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