One of the noblest races in our world is the ongoing race to do good, fostering a world where humanity is interdependent and compassion is continuous. But even more noble is the race to make this goodness sustainable through creative ideas that ensure the best investment of donations and charities.

For many years, institutions and associations have been competing to provide sponsorships for orphans around the world. Often, orphan sponsorships are done by allocating a monthly financial sum that provides for the basic needs of the orphan. This method of sponsoring orphans is very important, especially for orphans in poor communities who lack healthy food, educational necessities, or medical care.

At the International Waqf Fund, we have been implementing orphan sponsorship projects in this way since our inception, but we do not stop there.

What makes the Orphan Waqf Share special?

First: A Sponsorship that Never Ends

The nature of the Orphan Waqf Share makes it a perpetual good. When you donate the value of the share, we invest your donation in low-risk investments compliant with Islamic Sharia. As soon as profits are realized, we use a portion of them to improve the lives of orphans through sponsorships, then reinvest another portion in our fund so that the principal amount remains and grows over the coming years, sponsoring more orphans.

Second: Providing Livelihoods for the Orphan’s Family

Believing that supporting the families of orphans largely ensures a dignified life for them, we have allocated a part of our “Sustainable Livelihood Support” projects for widows and families of orphans. From the returns of your Waqf shares, we fund families with small businesses, enabling them to provide a stable and consistent income that benefits all family members.

Read here the stories of the orphans we sponsored and their families we supported in 2022.

You can also find on our website our previous projects dedicated to orphans in the most impoverished and needy communities.

When you donate an Orphan Waqf Share or a Sustainable Livelihood Share, you can do so alone or by sharing the value of the share with a relative or friend. You can also donate any available amount under the option of sadaqah jariyah, which we handle in the same way as Waqf shares.

The realities of life force many parents to leave their children alone, bearing the title “orphan.” Continuous wars around the world, diseases, and pandemics rapidly increase the number of these orphans, parallel to rising poverty rates.

These facts impose on us, as Muslims, to be more diligent in the race of goodness, to attain reward and blessing from God, and contribute to improving the reality of children and their families.

It’s your opportunity to start sponsoring an orphan with us and be among the companions of the noble Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – in paradise.

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