Blindness prevention Waqf Share

Cataract disease affects millions of people around the world. Especially in poorer communities. Hence, this disease affects young and old, women and men.

Not only does this disease affect vision, but rather has great ramifications on the family who needs to care for the patient with Cataract disease.

Furthermore, it denies children of their blind mothers care and affection. In addition, children are prevented from going to school. Moreover, the father is prevented from going out and seeking a livelihood to provide for the family.

The Blindness prevention WAQF share costs £2,500.

Infinite Good

By contributing towards a Waqf share, you will be covering the cost of cataract surgery for one person every year. Therefore, this will allow the patient to return to their normal way of life. To illustrate:

The child can return to school.
The parents are able to take care of their children.
The parents can also return to work and provide for their family.

Participate in our blindness prevention Waqf programme.

A Blindness prevention Waqf Share costs

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